All students must be members of Metro Baptist Church or an approved Baptist Church. All students must faithfully attend the regular weekly services of their home church.

We want to be an extension of the home. The goal of Metro Baptist Schools is to reinforce the philosophies and principles of a Biblical home, while educating and training a life dedicated to Jesus Christ. Please be diligent in what you allow in your home, as we are diligent about what we allow in Metro Baptist Schools.

Metro Baptist School is not equipped to handle students with severe learning disabilities.

Application must be filled out and returned to the school office. These forms are means of supplying basic information concerning the student as it would relate to his educational experience and general background. Re-enrollment fees for returning students are due on or before August 1st in order to secure enrollment for the new school year. The enrollment fee of new students who begin at the second semester is due on the first day of that semester.

All new students will be tested and interviewed. Notification will be given of interviewing and testing dates for students. The interview includes informal questioning of the student and the parents to determine the suitability of enrollment and to establish a foundation of understanding for home/school relationships. All new students are accepted for a 9-week probationary period. Parents will be consulted if a different grade level assignment is necessary.

Kindergarten applicants must turn 5 by December 1st, and K-4 applicants must turn 4 by December 1st.